Complete design, manufacturing, service & repair solutions for independent grocers on shopping carts, store fixtures and more.

The Peggs Company puts service, innovation, and manufacturing to work to provide equipment essential to meeting the needs of independent grocery retailers across the United States and Canada. They work with retailers to overcome challenges, reduce costs, improve quality, and increase functionality. Through Circle The Wagons, some of our retailers have been able save on used carts and baskets, and have been able to service their in-store equipment. By working through CTW, independent and small retailers can get deals otherwise unavailable to them.


Shopping Carts

Metal Carts
Plastic Cars
Express Carts
New & Re-Manufactured

Hand Baskets

Jumbo Hand Basket
Baskets with Nylon Handles
Rolling Hand Baskets
Rolling Flexicart Basket

Material Handling

Hand Trucks
Six Wheel Stock Carts
Utility Rolling Tables

Merchandising Displays

Produce Shelves
Universal Shelving
Deli/Dairy Cases
Grocery Displays
+ More

Cart Corrals


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